Working from Home? Here’s How to Improve Productivity

work from home

Even when situations are typical, working from home comes with a lot of challenges. With plenty of interruptions and distractions around, time seems to slip off. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought more stressors like worries about food, finances, safety and health, home-schooling needs, and improper equipment and shared spaces. 

Finding the optimal flow of work when we feel and perform at our best seems to be next to impossible for millions of Americans working from home these days. So, we have come up with the best advice and tips to train your brain to make it a habit. Even if you follow one or two of the following tips, you could be on the right track. 

Cut the Clutter

Haphazard workspace creates chaos in our brains. Clean up your desk to avoid distractions. Our brain needs bright surroundings to thrive. It takes a lot of mental energy to keep track of everything in a messed up space. Considering you might not have the perfect workspace at home, we recommend you clean up your desk and remove anything not related to your work. Avoid distractions as much as you can. Keep it clear about your work schedules to your family. Don’t use all the apps that are not related to your task and turn off all of your device notifications. 

Also, work on the internal environment 

Stay hydrated to keep focused and improve your work performance. Chronic stress can also affect your ability and workflow. It happens when you are not entirely relaxed during a pandemic. It is recommended to lead your brain towards a positive direction by practicing mindfulness, meditation, gratitude, and exercise. 

Gratitude calms down your mind and improves your focus on the given task, and it will increase your performance and flow. It may not take a lot of time. You can take up to 5 minutes for practicing gratitude, 20 minutes for meditation/mindfulness, and up to 40 minutes for exercise. Don’t check out your phone for the first half-hour before starting the day. 

You are in a calm state when you wake up. When you use your phone in this awareness state, you retrain your brain to distract itself. Every ping, ding, ring, share, like, and comment floods your brain with dopamine. Even a lousy email, message, comment, or voicemail can ruin your day. 

Take a break

Schedule breaks and block your time to move, hydrate, and breathe. Focus on one task at a time for 25 to 30 minutes without distractions and take a break for 5 minutes. Try to keep your schedule as flexible as possible. 

Take small steps 

We face a lot of chaos and stressors in our daily lives. So, it may feel impossible to make changes. Don’t take the stress of doing everything at the same time. Take simple and small steps. Little turns a lot at the end of the day, as consistency is the key.