Social Media Rating & Reviews Helps In Business Improvement


Social media reviews and ratings play a very vital role in making sales. Reviews and ratings have been around for decades since people started buying and selling services and goods. You may definitely ask your close friend or family member when looking for a professional or seller, and then you check the web to get more details. The Internet and social media have been a great platform to provide a great view to customers to find out what others may think of the audience and products and services.

How Reviews and Ratings work, btw?

Reviews and ratings are very vital for customers as basic content, whether they are seeking for services or products. You can access this type of content for prospects at the point in pre-purchase. Ratings, reviews, and post-purchase provide feedback to serve existing buyers and attract potential ones. 

  • Reviews – With the help of reviews, customers, and prospects can get fuller insights about the offerings. These are usually longer, and they can consider different issues experienced by the reviewer. Videos and photographs may be helpful in some cases. 
  • Ratings – They enable customers and potential buyers to vote on offerings. They are used to attract more audiences. 

Why are Social Media Ratings and Reviews Important?

  • Enable customers, prospects, and the public to comment, reach, share, and create information about brands, products, and companies. 
  • They enable multi-dimensional communications like one-to-many, one-2-one, and many-to-many. 
  • They involve different insights, like voting, texts, images, and videos. 
  • They use different other platforms. 
  • They happen asynchronously and in real-time.

Types of Social Media Reviews and Ratings 

  • Review and Rating sites – A massive range of websites are covered in this category to enable customers to give feedback regarding any specific services or products. Some of them are – 
    • Amazon – It is a class apart among the review and rating sites. It is the go-to resource for a lot of shoppers where they can buy. 
    • Specific reviews and rating sites – They cover a lot of options, and many are based on specific vertical or product categories. Yelp and Tripadvisor are some of the top names.
    • Own reviews and ratings of retailers – They appear on sites of your competitors and yours. 
  • Online forums and discussion boards – They are quite older mediums for interaction, but they provide complete info on products, especially if they have – 
    • Targeted sources – Specific topics usually focus on them. For example, some are focused on business travel. 
    • Q&A sites – They are known to be covered in social media, but they provide information related to services and products as participant responses and questions. Some of the standard options are Quora and LinkedIn Groups. 
    • Lists – Like-minded people can easily interact using these email lists.