Role Of Image In Terms Of Search Engine Optimization

The correct preparation of the content covers many areas and in order to achieve good rankings, you not only have to deliver good content but also prepare the content in an appealing way for the visitor!

If you can do that, the visitor stays on the page for 10, 20, or even 30 seconds, maybe even longer, which again increases the length of stay and is a plus for the page for the evaluation by search engines.

Every plus that you collect flows into the evaluation for the rankings and the positions in the search engines will increase as a result and better positions also increase the number of visitors, which is the real point on the Internet.

Prepare content with free images

For a while, SEO services were simply creating and delivering content for the search engines, which also worked very well and resulted in very good positions in the search results!

When this no longer worked on its own, they tried to improve the positions with many backlinks, and that worked very well for a long time and showed the corresponding effect in the form of good rankings.

However, the development of the search engines did not stand still; good content was ranked first in the search results, bad backlinks lost their effectiveness and the creation of good content has become an SEO discipline.

But only texts are simply not enough today and so you have to give the visitor something to admire, something to see because the visitors have just become lazy and don’t want to read long texts.

In order to increase visiting times, however, you have to prepare the content with videos but also with many images, then optimize them accordingly in order to make the images appear relevant to the search engines.

Good pictures don’t have to cost anything – use royalty free images

But good pictures cost money, which of course can be quite expensive with many pictures if you want to display several pictures for the visitors per article!

But there are also portals where you can get good, high-quality images for your own content free of charge and you don’t even have to state the source, these are “pictures in the public domain” these are also called royalty-free images.

Such images can be downloaded free of charge from Pixabay and used for private and commercial purposes, both online and offline, without stating the source or evidence.

There are currently more than a million images available on Pixabay, which can compete with the images on the paid portals in terms of quality, but these are all free and can be used in many ways, but also changed!

With the free public domain images, it is easy to prepare the content and articles with images and thus to offer the visitor something appealing to the eye (apart from a letter salad) and thus to increase the time spent on the website.

Keypoints To Focus On While Optimizing Image:

  • Image filename
  • Theme
  • Markings
  • Comments
  • Title
  • Description
  • Alt text

Labeling with the relevant keywords and texts, then you can even get visitors to the page via the images from the search engines and thus generate more traffic, but also optimize the content in several areas for better on-site performance.

This also brings additional points for the articles and content and gives them even better positions in the search results, which has become even more important after the stricter rules for off-page SEO.

Thus, the correct and extensive search engine optimization should not start and stop with the content of the texts, but rather you should provide further content with good images, which offer even more possibilities for optimization and so the content for the visitors as well further processing for the search engines

Images Are Helping SEO To Rank Website Higher

Search engine optimization now includes the entire page and goes both in-depth and in breadth in the optimization and preparation of the content, so you should no longer believe that good texts are enough, but should also provide the visitor with something that they can use on the page because only with such small but effective methods you can achieve a lot for the website.

If you can increase the visiting times, i.e. the length of stay, by 20 to 30 seconds with pictures, then the pictures have exactly the effect for the page, because this short time is an important factor for the search engines to make the page more important and reward that with better rankings!

It doesn’t always have to be purchased pictures, because as you can see from these pictures, you can find very good public domain pictures for free on the Internet and can thus make a big difference for the website.

But you shouldn’t overdo it with the images, because each image increases the loading time of the page, which can have a negative effect on the user experience and then also has a negative effect on the rankings. So you should find the right balance between texts, and the number of images that benefit the website SEO and gives reading experience to visitors.

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